Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mama Drama

Confessions of a Mama Drama Queen!

Last night, I unloaded my car full of shopping bags and groceries and made my way up what seemed to be a million stairs, unbalance and hoping to make it up the stairs without falling. I put away the groceries, dinner from earlier, and gifts I had purchased for Christmas. All the while feeling that even if for a brief moment, I closed my eyes, I would definitely fall to the floor passed out! I manage to finish up and make my way to my bedroom where I find laundry spread out on my bed, at least 3 loads. I then fold and put away what seems to be an endless pile of clothes, my hands unsteady and eyes unfocused! Finally, I shower. Slow motion seems to be the speed I am going (at least in my head). I am barely able to hold myself up, my bones feel heavy, and I am now ready to sleep. I pass out!

I am awaked in the middle of the night by a horrible nightmare that I can not shake...

Reminiscent of my younger (pre-kids) days, I felt completely drunk. The difference is this time, there was no alcohol involved. It was just plain exhaustion. It seems life eventually catches up to us all...

On the brighter-side, at least I didn't wake up with a hang-over.

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