Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I, Catalyst

On some days, frustration fills the air. There is a tense, undeserving silence that is heard throughout the house.

On other days, warmth and happiness spread throughout the house, like a wave engulfing all that it reaches.

When the kids are "making me frustrated", my lack of patience is obvious and my tolerance is at zero.

I have learned that I am not reacting to their behavior; they are reacting to MY behavior.

I am the catalyst within the house. MY mood seems to set the tone. When I am calm, the house is calm. When I am tense, the house becomes tense.

Sure, kids are trying in every sense of the word and will work every last nerve I have, but how I learn to handle the situation sets the tone for the kids, and in turn, how the rest of the day goes...

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