Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Organizing Art

Problem: My mother threw out all of my childhood projects, so in turn, I keep all of my girls' projects. I have a hug bins of their art that I just don't want to let go, and it keeps growing.

Solution: I've decided to get rid of it all! Before I do that, I have taken on a major project of my own-I am going to photograph all their projects and create a book(s) of their work! Books do not take up room and they will have a chance to actually flip through and see all their art through the years (I don't realistically think they would actually to go through the bins to look at all their art). I try to take some pictures everyday, and photograph all their new art as it comes in.

Conclusion: I have a major project ahead-but once I'm caught up, I think it will work out great!


  1. awesome idea! I think I may just have to do that, too! Of, course there may be just a few things that will be too difficult to toss!

    - Jen (mom of Tino, from Lexi's class)

  2. Jamie-

    I have the same problem. So much art. I have been trying to just keep some, but it is huge. Great idea.

    Dana (Samantha Jean's Mom< Dana)