Monday, October 26, 2009

Mama Drama

Confessions of a Mama Drama Queen!

When a baby starts growing in teeth it marks a major point in their growth process- they move on to the next phase-infant to baby. It's an exciting time, broken looking smiles and all...

..until they get their full set of teeth, another exciting milestone. Beautiful happy smiles emerge, crooked teeth and all...

..until they start losing their baby teeth and move on to the next phase of growth. I'm not happy or excited. A strange feeling of loss starts to emerge.

This is where I am! My daughter has a loose tooth!!! I can't explain the overwhelming feeling of sadness, denial, and loss that seems to be invading all my memories of my baby and bringing me closer to thoughts of a big girl, 'tween and teen...

Though it may seem premature on my part to have such feelings, I do!

The growing excitement of a baby's first tooth is only contradicted later by the loss of that first loose tooth.

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